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Kanzy El Defrwawy

Calling Kanzy El Dafrawy a pioneer in Squash is an understatement. Kanzy is an Egyptian Professional Squash player who ranked number 1 in the USA and 26th globally. She is also a world-renowned squash coach and program developer, having worked with many young athletes to develop their skills and land life-changing opportunities. 
Driven to create the next generation of World-Class athletes. She is a force. A force that embodies what it means to push beyond limits. Dubbed "The Flying Daf" she has made world headlines with her unique playing style constantly pushing physical boundaries to the extreme in order to win. And with a nickname like that…she is already defying the laws of gravity and exceeding human potential.

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The US Number 1 Squash player knew from a young age that she never wanted to settle into a life, she wanted to create impact. From international tournaments to national titles, Kanzy never seemed to hesitate when creating impact through Squash. With her 18 years of experience, the International Champion aims to raise recognition to the benefits Squash can bring on court and off, dedicated to building champion people and players.

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Being the first ever female professional in the UAE to open a Squash Academy, she is already bridging that gap. As both a professional squash athlete and a globally recognized coach Kanzy El Dafrawy has:

  • 9 PSA World Titles globally 

  • Over 180 Local Junior Titles

  • Over 40 International Junior Titles 

  • 16 NESCAC Titles 

  • African Cup Champion 

  • First female to win the Dubai squash community tournament in history

  • Number 1 Squash player in America 

  • Highest World Ranking #22

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