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Ready. Set. Fly with Daf.

Are you ready to break through your limits? 

Sharpen your skills, mindset and body like a champion?

Allow us to welcome you to The Flying Daf Squash Academy.
Where champion players and people are made.

The Flying Daf is a high-performance squash academy dedicated to training individuals from ALL LEVELS, ages and backgrounds.

It is the ULTIMATE squash hub breeding UAE’s first generation of squash champions. 

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We believe Squash is about more than just training.

Our activities and sessions all guarantee a fun, high-energy and customized holistic approach with a focus on the players’ mind and body.  

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We Care

The Flying Daf welcomes everyone to their community. 

A space where we hope you can call home.

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Our Impact

The Flying Daf is a place where life-changing opportunities are encouraged such as sport recruitment, scholarships, international academic opportunities and training as a world- class athlete. We believe Squash is more. It’s about the player and the person you become on and off court. We are not just an “another” academy but a community.  There is NO LIMIT to what we can help you achieve. We live for growth. The fun. The competition. The thrill. 

All levels, backgrounds and ages are welcomed and encouraged.

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